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Is Weight Loss Surgery for You?

Losing weight has been based on various types of exercises, diets, and lifestyles. Have you tried several methods of losing weight to no avail? However, the bulk of them has not been as successful as proclaimed. You have probably read in various reports that to lose weight, you must exercise more and eat less. And it is possible that you are always on a diet and forever making efforts to lose weight- you lose and gain and lose and gain, and the cycle seems never-ending.
Obesity has several effects that prevent the proper use of the body, and this can create health or life-threatening risks. Therefore, you must not be carefree with your health. Now that you have exhausted almost all the proffered solutions to obesity, you are left with one unfailing solution- bariatric surgery. Are you one of the people who require weight loss surgery? You will realize if you need bariatric surgery by answering the following questions:
  1. Are you overweight by 100 pounds?
You are a candidate for weight loss surgery if you hit the lowest overweight threshold of 100 pounds more than the acceptable ideal weight. The pounds can be less if you have certain health risks or conditions that will be improved by losing weight, e.g. diabetes.
  1. Have you tried all diets possible?
Before you can decide to go for weight loss surgery, you need to establish the fact that you have tried and failed several weight loss programs. It is advisable that you keep a record of all weight loss programs you have attempted and failed. It just seems as if all the diets in the world would work for you.
  1. Are you inspired?
If you are tired and sick of being obese and you are motivated to do whatever can make you lose weight, weight loss surgery is for you. Meanwhile, you would need to follow a diet after having the weight loss surgery.
If your response to the three questions is “yes,” then bariatric surgery is for you. The next step you have to take is to contact a certified doctor for the best type of weight loss surgery that is most suitable for you.
Now that you have realized that the surgery is for you and you want to have it, all you are left to do is contact Dr. Joya on to more information and book for the surgery. He is an experienced and certified doctor with over 16 years’ experience and more than 5,000 weight loss surgeries.

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